Terms & Conditions

Eligibility to buy the lotteries

  • The user should be a Sri Lankan Citizens who are aged eighteen or more.
  • The user has to possess a valid National Identity Card number.
  • How to Purchase lotteries

    Users can purchase any of lotteries available on “Available lotteries of each draw dates” can be purchased through SMS, USSD or WEB channels. There two option to purchase the tickets one is Subscript to the lottery another one is on demand.

  • SMS
  • SMSUsers can purchase the ticket by sending the predefined format SMS to our short code “811”

    Lottery Subscription Request Format On-demand Request Format 1st attempt 2nd attempt onwards
    Mahajana Sampatha MS (SPACE) NIC OMS (SPACE) # of tickets (SPACE) NIC OMS (SPACE) # of tickets
    Govi Setha GS(SPACE)NIC OGS (SPACE) # of tickets (SPACE) NIC OGS (SPACE) # of tickets
    Supiri Vasana SV(SPACE)NIC OSV (SPACE) # of tickets (SPACE) NIC OSV (SPACE) # of tickets
    Jathika Sampatha JS(SPACE)NIC OJS (SPACE) # of tickets (SPACE) NIC OJS (SPACE) # of tickets
    Neeroga NR(SPACE)NIC ONR (SPACE) # of tickets (SPACE) NIC ONR (SPACE) # of tickets
    Mega Power MP(SPACE)NIC OMP(SPACE) # of tickets (SPACE) NIC OMP(SPACE) # of tickets
    Dhana Nidhanaya DN(SPACE)NIC ODN(SPACE) # of tickets (SPACE) NIC ODN(SPACE) # of tickets
    Sevana SE(SPACE)NIC OSE(SPACE) # of tickets (SPACE) NIC OSE(SPACE) # of tickets
    Vasana Sampatha VS(SPACE)NIC OVS(SPACE) # of tickets (SPACE) NIC OVS(SPACE) # of tickets

  • USSD

  • Subscribers can purchase the ticket by sending the USSD request by dialing “#811#” and user will be directed USSD menu options.

  • Website (www.811.lk)

  • You can have registered and log in to the website and purchase the lotteries on your own and can manage your subscription, view the purchase tickets history, wings tickets among your purchased ones and can view the wallet.

    What is the wallet?

    Wallet in this context is a virtual wallet (Digital wallet) attached to each user registered in our 811NLB system. this will help to save the winning amounts (up to Rs.100) and give the facility to purchase the tickets using the saved money in the wallet.

    Charging for the tickets

    Users can subscribe to multiple lotteries or buy it on-demand maximum of 10 tickets per each draw.

    The subscribed user will be charged at the time of each ticket delivery based on the credit availability on his/her mobile or the wallet (if the user has enough amount of money in the wallet).

    Available draw

    Lottery draws happen only as per the published dates by NLB gave in the section, “Available lotteries and draw dates”.

    Available lotteries and draw dates

    Lottery Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Mahajana Sampatha
    Govi Setha
    Supiri Wasana
    Jathika Sampatha
    Mega Power
    Dhana Nidhanaya
    Vasana Sampatha

    Winning results

    All subscribers will get the official results winning number for each lottery purchased via SMS after the draw results release by NLB.

    Winning prizes

    Amount Payment Type
    Rs.100 & below Add to 811NLB wallet
    Above Rs.100 & below Rs.20,000 User’s choice
    Rs.20,000 & above Through NLB

    How can I unsubscribe from the subscribed lotteries?

    Type, KEYWORD (space) OFF and SMS to 811

    Lottery Subscription Request Format Unsubscription
    Mahajana Sampatha MS (SPACE) NIC MS (SPACE) OFF
    Govi Setha GS (SPACE) NIC GS (SPACE) OFF
    Supiri Vasana SV (SPACE) NIC SV (SPACE) OFF
    Jathika Sampatha JS (SPACE) NIC JS (SPACE) OFF
    Mega Power MP (SPACE) NIC MP (SPACE) OFF
    Dhana Nidhanaya DN (SPACE) NIC DN (SPACE) OFF
    Vasana Sampatha VS (SPACE) NIC VS (SPACE) OFF